Who is The Ancillary Actuary?

This blog is run by Bradshaw Dixon & Moore Ltd. The Ancillary Actuary is a pen name that we post under.

We offer actuarially-based professional services to legal and financial services professionals. We specialise in pension valuations for divorce and dissolution, as well as associated calculations, such as income equalisation and mortality assessment. If you would like to know more about our company and products, please visit our website at www.bradshawdixonmoore.com


So, is this just an advertising front?

No, we really intend to create a useful resource for professionals. We may advertise our products on this blog and post information about new services, but our primary aim is to promote awareness and discussion of financial issues. After all, this blog wouldn't be much use as an advertising tool if nobody wanted to visit it!

The integrity of our content is very important to us. We promise not to write sensationalist or innacurate posts soley to stir up attention for our own products. Actuaries must comply with a strict code of professional ethics, so we would get in a whole load of trouble if we misled you!